North Korean Guys

North Korean Guys

Other name: 동해물과 백두산이 Lost in the South Mission: Going Home


Two soldiers of the North Korean naval forces - Choe Baek-du, a taciturn officer, and Lim Dong-hae a private who doesn?t have long before finishing his service in the military - are working hard at the Mt. Maebong camp. One fine day, they share a drink while fishing at sea. They doze off at the cool breeze, and when they wake up they find themselves to have reached South Korean seas. It is summer vacation time in the East Coast. Watching pretty girls in tiny bikinis are certainly pleasant to the eyes. But when they speak out, people think they are from Yanbian, and when they say they came from ?above? the police get the wrong idea, thinking they were sent from ?above.? It won?t be so easy to go back quietly. What?s worse, things get even more complicated when they meet a high school girl, who happens to be the daughter of the chief of police. It just so happens she practically runs away from home. Now the whole police force is looking for her.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2003

Genre: Comedy; Military;

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