Timeless Love (2021)

Timeless Love (2021)


Cheng Feng is a bookshop owner who is forced to give up on her dream to become a dancer following an accident. She meets Jiang Dian, a warm-hearted youth who appears cold due to pressures from his family. The two lost youths stay by each other’s side as they grow and heal together.

Adapted from the novel Zhui Guang (追光) by He Zhong (禾中).

Original Network: iQiyi;

Director: Tan You Ye [谭友业]

Also known as: 时光与你别来无恙 時光與你別來無恙 Shi Guang Yu Ni Bie Lai Wu Yang Si Gwong Yu Nei Bit Loi Mou Yeung


Status: Completed

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