More and More Loves You Season 1 (2021)

More and More Loves You Season 1 (2021)


Yu Lan had a crush on Sheng You Ting for 11 years, but her love for him makes her feel inferior because she thinks she is unworthy of him. One day, it reached a point when she could no longer continue loving him. She tried to rid him from her life, only to realize that it was too painful. Turns out that if you love someone for a long time and suddenly stop, you would go insane.

Also known as: Ai Ni Qing Chu Yu Lan Di Yi Ji , Ngoi Nei Ching Cheut Yu Laam Dai Yat Gwai , 愛你情出於藍 第一季, 爱你情出于蓝 第一季


Status: Completed

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