Woman in a White Car (2022)

Woman in a White Car (2022)

Other name: 하얀 차를 탄 여자 Hayan Chareul Tan Yeoja Woman Who Rode A White Train


One quiet snowy morning, a car rolls into a small hospital. Out of the car steps two women, one covered in scars, and the other, stabbed. Do-kyeong claims that the unconscious, stabbed woman is her sister. Sergeant Hyeon-joo begins to investigate what happened to the two women. Sergeant Kim goes to the address that Do-kyung provided, and only to realize that there is more thing than she thought in this case.

Original Network: jTBC;

Director: Ko Hye Jin [고혜진]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Investigation; Miniseries; Mystery; Suspense; Thriller;

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