The Game Changer 2017

The Game Changer 2017

Other name: 游戏规则 You Xi Gui Ze


Lin Zihao and Fang Jie are two brothers who have gone through life and death with each other.

However, Mr. Tang's daughter Tang Qianqian, whom Fang Jie has admired for long, falls in love with Lin Zihao at first sight. At the same time, Lin Zihao finds out that his lover Lan Ruoyun has been captured by Mr. Tang to be his mistress while he was being chased. In order to dominate Shanghai, Mr. Tang has set up a conspiracy, and the most important part of his plan is actually Lin Zihao. However, Mr. Tang does not realize that Lin Zihao's identity is a member of the Blue Shirts Society. The two ultimately go heads on with each other - but who will emerge victorious in this bloody battle?

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Action; Crime; Drama; Friendship; Historical; Romance; Thriller;

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