The Deer and the Cauldron (2020)

The Deer and the Cauldron (2020)

Other name: 鹿鼎记 ; Lu Ding Ji , Deer Prince


The story of Wei Xiaobao, a little man born at the bottom of society. He entered the imperial palace by chance without knowing any martial arts, and used his extraordinary wisdom to deal with gangs and court issues. He pretended to be a eunuch to help Kangxi capture and kill Obai. Then he met Chen Jinnan, and became his closed disciple. He assisted Kangxi in attacking his enemies. Wei Xiaobao grew up from a gangster who only wanted to make friends with the emperor in exchange for a rich and noble life, and grew up into a "deer prince" who discerns loyalty and evil. He meets many different women and lived a flowery family life full of fireworks (Source: Baidu)

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Accident; Action; Comedy; Historical; Wuxia;

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