Shallow (2022)

Shallow (2022)

Other name: 出拳吧,妈妈 出拳吧妈妈 Chu Quan Ba Ma Ma


Bai Yang is a stubborn young mother who sticks to her inner principles. A few years ago, she lost everything on a whim, and her mother and child were separated, and the child was forced to be raised by her sister Bai Tong. With the help of Shen Hao, a man with a venomous tongue and a warm heart , Bai Yang rekindled her fighting spirit and made up her mind to regain everything she had lost. But what was waiting for Bai Yang in front of her was completely beyond her imagination.

Movie has also 99 min , Festival version which aired on 12.06.2021 at Shanghai International Film Festival.

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Family;

Airs: Apr 30, 2022

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