Serendipity Love (2022)

Serendipity Love (2022)

Other name: 她的爱情 她的愛情 我的遗憾和你有关 Wo De Yi Han He Ni You Guan Shi Qin Mi De Ni Ta De Ai Qing Her Love Любовь по интуиции


The story of a couple who fell in love since young. When they were about to realize their wish from school uniform to wedding dress, suddenly the heroine disappeared without saying goodbye. What happened behind the disappearance of the heroine?

Director: Zhen Yong Bo [甄永波] and Zhen Yong Tao [甄永涛]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: life; melodrama; Romance; Web Series; Youth;

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