Passage of Life (2017)

Passage of Life (2017)

Other name: 僕の帰る場所 Oku No Kaeru Basho


There is a Myanmarese family with two sons who can't say any myanmarese language and live just like Japanese children. The mom wants to go back to Myanmar but the dad doesn't at all because he has to work in Japan. Apart from their conflict, they are in danger they can't live in Japan anymore. One day, they get a letter from Japanese government about their visa issue and it changes everything in their lives. The most impressive aspect of this film is the vivid acting of Myanmarese family as much as we can´t distinguish whether it is fiction or documentary film. The actors never have experienced acting before at all. The director, Fujimoto Akio had taken about a year to develop and shoot this story of the family. After two and half years of editing, this film presents the vividness as if we are watching a documentary film

Director: Fujimoto Akio

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Adventure; Documentary; Drama; Family;

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