Operation Love

Operation Love

Other name: 求婚大作战 求婚大作战中国版


Zhang Yixing Lay is extremely busy these days with promotions for Lose Control at its peak and it looks like he’s about to get busier with Operation Love 求婚大作战, his next drama after Mystic Nine where he plays opposite Chen Du Ling, a newcomer who is gaining fame after dominating online polls as the number one campus beauty. The story is a remake of a Japanese drama of the same name about a guy who misses the chance to confess his feelings to a girl that he loves until it is too late. An angel gives him a second shot at love and we hear news that Julian Cheung (Sword of Legends Movie) is going to be the matchmaking angel.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Drama; Romance; Youth;

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