Marriage Lyrics For Divorce Music (2021)

Marriage Lyrics For Divorce Music (2021)

Other name: 결혼작사 이혼작곡 결혼 이야기 Gyeolhoniyagi Gyeolhon Yiyagi Gyeolhonjagsa Ihonjaggog Marriage Story Marriage Lyrics, Divorce Composition Love (featuring Marriage and Divorce) Love (feat. Marriage and Divorce) Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music


The drama will tell the stories of three charming female protagonists in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who face unpredictable misfortunes, and it also deals with the trouble of married couples as they try to find true love. Pan Sa Hyun is a lawyer, who fell in love with his wife Boo Hye Ryung after seeing her play the drums. The couple has been married for three years and doesn’t have any children.

Shin Yoo Shin is the sweet husband of Sa Pi Young and the director of a hospital’s neuropsychiatry department. Sa Pi Young is a producing director for the radio show, and she always does her best to take care of her home, children, and husband.

Song Won is a skilled Chinese translator, who is divorced. Lee Si Eun is the radio show’s main writer and the wife of Park Hae Ryoon. The two have been married for 30 years, and Lee Si Eun has given all her attention to her husband and children.

Park Hae Ryoon is the dean of the department of theater and film at Sun Jin University, and he became a professor thanks to the support of Lee Si Eun.

Director: Yoo Jeong Joon [유정준]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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