Life In Island

Life In Island

Other name: Diary of a Rich Man: Impossible Time ;허삼부자 섬집일기-허섬세월 허섬세월 – 허삼부자 섬집일기 Heosambuja Seomjibilgi: Heoseomsewol Diary of the Rich Man: Impossible Time Life in Island


Basketball Legend Heo Jae and his two sons - Ung and Hoon, also professional players - have a memorable experience before Hoon enlists the Army. The three men go to a small and remote island to live for a few days. Although they are very good at basketball, they have zero experience in housekeeping. Can they finish their island experience with joy?

Original Network: jTBC;

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2022

Genre: Reality Show; Variety;

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