Legend of Lv Bu (2020)

Legend of Lv Bu (2020)

Other name: 鬥破亂世情 斗破乱世情 呂布傳 吕布传 Lu Bai Zhuan Legend of Lu Bu Fighting Through the Chaos Fighting Against Chaos Легенда Люй Бу


In times of war, the traitor Dou Zhun was in power and used poisonous poison to domesticate the medicine people. Yao Ren 19 escaped after a trial of the body and escaped by chance. By chance, she was rescued by the girl Cicada's clothing and named "Yizhibu". The two became sorrowful, and Dou Jun sent someone to chase after the other nineteen. Cicada recommended to assassinate Dou Jun, reunite with a piece of cloth that lost memory and became Dou Junyi. Full of hatred turned into grief, one side is home country, the other side is love, where should they go in the chaotic world...

Director: Cai Cong [蔡聰]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Historical; Romance;

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