Kinou Nani Tabeta? (2019)

Kinou Nani Tabeta? (2019)


8.3 Your Rating: 0/10 Ratings: 8.3/10 from 1,244 users # of Watchers: 4,334 Reviews: 11 users Kakei Shiro is a 45 year old lawyer who works at a small law firm. He is a good cook and a meticulous and thrifty person who keeps the monthly food budget to 25,000 yen. Shiro’s daily routine is to leave work on time and head to a discount supermarket nearby. His partner Yabuki Kenji is the affable hairdresser in his 40s. The two of them share a two-bedroom apartment and the finer points of two men living together comes up at the dining table every day. Although the two of them have been in a relationship for three years and Shiro's parents know he is gay, Shiro never shares the fact that he is gay or Kenji is his partner to anyone

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Comedy; Food; life; Romance;

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