ID:45 (2020)

ID:45 (2020)

Other name: BOYSTORY : 버라이어티 쇼 ID:45 , BOYSTORY : The Show ID:45 , ID:45 , BOYSTORY : 综艺节目 'ID:45' , BOYSTORY : Variety Show 'ID:45', ID:45


BOYSTORY is a six-member group under JYP Entertainment and Tencent Music Entertainment. The group contains Hanyu, Zihao, Xin Long, Zeyu, Ming Rui, and Shuyang. This show showcased the daily life of the group and brings the audience along with the members while they train. The show is currently airing in an attempt to reverse the disbandment possibility of the group.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Documentary; life; Music;

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