Hengshan Hospital (2021)

Hengshan Hospital (2021)

Other name: 衡山医院 衡山醫院 Heng Shan Yi Yuan Hang Saan Yi Yun


The drama takes place in republican era China in Hengshan Hospital, centered primarily on the conflict between the Communist Party and the KMT in 1930s Shanghai.

Ma Tian Ming is a faithless, greedy, and selfish man who makes his living by cheating and lying. A coincidental accident drags Ma Tian Ming into a case in which he becomes the suspect. Trying to escape, he impersonated the chief doctor of Hengshan Hospital, Cai Li Kun. However, Ma Tian Ming soon found out that Cai Li Kun is a member of the underground Communist Party.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Action; Drama; Espionage; Hidden Identity; Historical; Military; political;

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