Giants Even If We Die (2022)

Giants Even If We Die (2022)

Other name: 죽어도 자이언츠 Jukeodo Jaieoncheu


The Lotte Giants is a huge part of Korean professional baseball's history. 30 years have passed since their last win in 1992. Now, they are tired of self-dissing mixed with resentment against the club and players.

But, why can't they leave even though they know? Why won't the 'Talde effect' work? Why do they get excited when spring comes? Why are they so sure the win rate will be over 50%?

Now here, nevertheless, with fans moving to Sajik Baseball Stadium, the 40-year history of the Giants unfolds centered on former and current Lotte Giants players.

Director: Lee Dong Yoon [이동윤]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Documentary; Sports;

Airs: Oct 27, 2022

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