Flower Snack (2017)

Flower Snack (2017)

Other name: 더보이즈 '꽃미남 분식집' 더보이즈 ’꽃미남 분식집’ THE BOYZ 'Flower Snack' THE BOYZ ’Flower Snack’


The special mission 'Open the Flower Snack!' for 12 members' THE BOYZ.

The twelve pretty guys' THE BOYZ is just about to debut.

All of the members must be thrilled with anticipation just before their first reality program.

And some guy in question has visited their place.

He's the km whose getting attention in reality programs. He's Kwon Hyuk Soo. He's been giving us credit for his gift of eating!

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Food; Variety show;

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