Cute Man (2021)

Cute Man (2021)

Other name: 귀여운 남자 Gwiyeowoon Namja Gwiyeoun Namja My Bittersweet Family Pretty Men


'Gi-seong' the head of the children's education sales office is the head of the 'bean flour family' with his accident-prone father, his adolescent daughter, and his ex-wife who re-married his classmate. His only dream is to be reunited with his wife and live in a large apartment with his family. 'Il-yeong' a bank employee says the timid man 'Gi-seong' is cute, makes his life a little different, and perhaps 'Gi-seong' can get his family back. Nerdy but charming, the cute guy's family rekindling project begins!

Director: Lee Byeong Heon [이병헌]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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